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Lease Verifications: Our field operations will visit the required address and verify that the equipment or collateral contracted for is actually in place and verify serial numbers, take photos and report results.

Contact Services: If you are unable to get in touch with your client by mail or phone, we will attempt to contact them at the location you request and try to re-establish communication.

Property Occupancy Inspections: We will go to your requested site, verify if the location is vacant or occupied and report on the over all condition of the property.

Construction Progress Reports: We go to the site requested by you and report on the progress of the work. We do this for fire, water and other damages and also do this for home or business improvements. Photos are available, 35mm or digital.

Merchant Site Inspections: We will visit the business that you request and verify if it is operating according to your requirements. We perform this service for credit card companies, banks and other businesses.


Our field operators are professionals; trained and supervised by a former private investigator, military intelligence NCO, MP & process server, with thousands of in person field calls conducted over 20 years.


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